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Thank you Ben! From Young Baek
Nov 3, 2013

Come to think of it, I was so lucky to have met Ben.

Selling a house is much more difficult and complicated than buying one. I was so confused about what to do first when I was trying to sell my house for the first time.

While the thought of finding a most reliable agent was the most important thing to do was floating in my head, I was introduced to Ben through one of my best friends.

The first meeting with Ben was very impressive. He did not insist on selling the house right away. On the contrary, after explaining about the current housing market to me, he suggested that I should take more time and see how the housing market fluctuates. Besides, he was not irresponsible to say that just putting the house on the market would attract buyers right away. Instead, he advised that it would be much better and more profitable for me when I put the house on the selling market only after a thorough preparation and inspection of the house.

While we were watching the housing market, I received a phone call in the end of January from Ben informing me that the housing market was turning for the better. He cautiously asked me if I was ready to sell the house and I and my husband decided to put the house on the market. Ben helped us with basics of preparation through his expertise and expert collaborators. His advice always brought the best results. Until the day before the showing, he did his best in our preparation.

Thanks to well-prepared showing, we were able to sell the house only after a few days with the satisfactory price. During the period between the buyer’s offer and final signing of contract, the professional preparation and expertise Ben demonstrated to us was very impressive. I, however, was even touched more by him afterwards. He did his best again in finding my condominium to rent and signing the rent contract.

Even up to the point of closing the contract, he did not fail in giving me valuable advice by way of email and telephone about trivial things I might be unaware of or have forgotten. I just don’t know how to express my deepest gratitude.

Even if Ben had made 50% efforts of what he did for me, Ben would have been still one of the best agents. He made efforts and did his work far more than necessary. Once again, I would like to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation.

Although I am now finished with Ben, I strongly believe that I will be working again with him in the near future. At the present I am introducing Ben to my friends and acquaintances as a best agent whenever we have time.

Thank you Ben!

Young B

Posted by Young Baek